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  • Gladys Carmina

    Gladys Carmina

    Read about: Mexican culture, life lessons, travel and language learning + Money & Freelancing.

  • Alice Vuong

    Alice Vuong

    Living life imperfectly and as creatively as possible.

  • Rui Alves

    Rui Alves

    Teacher, Life Coach, Ex-Army | World citizen, PT / HQ | Writing to find the surrogate writer in me!

  • Lucia Siochi

    Lucia Siochi

    Artist at heart, Technologist by trade. Lover of cats, coffee, and life.

  • Brynn Mahnke

    Brynn Mahnke

    Freelance writer, distance runner, lifelong learner. Let’s chat! brynnmahnkewrites.com

  • Francine Fallara

    Francine Fallara

    Passionate, genuine and creative simple girl striving daily to keep my inner rebel warrior alive. Author of ‘Inkling Whispers’, paperback and eBook on Amazon.

  • Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

    Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

    8x Top Writer | Globe trotter (24 years & countries old) | Health Enthusiast (50lbs down) || Get in touch — https://bit.ly/31LO5Mp

  • J. Brandon Lowry

    J. Brandon Lowry

    Nomadic PhD and full-time writer. Topics: Writing, Fiction, and Poetry. Editor at Forge Editing Services: forgeediting.wordpress.com

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