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All songs have the word ‘time’ in the title.

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Scientists are pretty sure that time is just an illusion.

Despite that, we all still try our best to save time, find time, make time, or cherish time.

So it’s no wonder that lyricists love to use the word ‘time’.

Out of all the memorable songs with the word “time” in the title,

Here are my 12 best (and 7 worst) songs of All “Time”:

Good Times Bad Times — Led Zeppelin

Are you a drummer? Want to feel inadequate? Just put on “Good Times Bad Times.” …

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How to ‘win’ this contest.

I’m sure you’ve heard, but just in case you haven’t: This site just announced a writing contest.

There’s a grand prize of $50k and four runner-up prizes of $10k each, along with 100 ‘honorable mentions’ that will each get $100.

Now, believe me when I say:

Not a real trap, of course. The contest isn’t a scam.

No, it’s more like a tease. And a familiar one at that.

As Denise Shelton pointed out in the comments section of the contest rules, these types of contests are ubiquitous. NewsBreak and Vocal (among others) love them.


They’re catnip for…

Volume One: Episodes 1–3

Image Credit: s_bukley / ShutterStock

Ernest Hemingway once said, “Write one true sentence.”

Well, here’s one from me: The Beatles are my favorite band.

Not very original, but hey, it’s still true.

And it’s the reason I tuned in for Hulu’s McCartney 3,2,1.

After binge-watching the first three episodes, I’ve taken a break to gather my thoughts. Here are my highlights:

The Pictures and Videos

As a bit of a Beatles nerd, one of my favorite parts of the series is a glimpse at pictures and videos I’d never seen before.

In particular, Episode one has some color photographs of John, Paul, and George from the late 50s or…

Is that a mistake?

“Noid” by billdotd is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

In advertising, as in life, mistakes happen.

Consider Bloomingdale’s “Spike Your Best Friend’s Eggnog” ad, or Amazon’s decision to plaster subway cars with Nazi imagery, or the World Wildlife Fund’s September 11th ad.

Perhaps you think these ads were well-intentioned but misunderstood. Perhaps not.

But, you can’t deny that they all failed the chief aim of any marketing campaign: First, do no harm.

Which is why it’s odd that Domino’s has brought back ‘The Noid’.

Because while it is true that the Noid was popular 30 years ago, there is a reason why Domino’s quietly removed the character from its…

What the hell is a tag page?

Image Credit: Roman Samborskyi / ShutterStock / Edited by Author

So, what are they?

It’s easier if I just show you. Here’s one:

You can do this with any tag for any story on Medium.

Dogs? Sure.

Hot Dogs? Yep. Just add a hyphen between “hot” and “dog”.

Dog Costumes? Three posts use that tag.

You get the idea.

Once you’re on a tag page, you can type any tag into the address bar to jump to another.

Now, as cool as this is, how are these pages supposed to help Medium writers?

Well, I have a few ways to turn this novelty trick you just learned into something…

Who knew?

Image Credit: Oscar Blanco / ShutterStock

Remember when you were a kid and had a loose tooth?

Remember how you had to wiggle it — even though it hurt?

Well, some articles make me feel that same way. I know that reading will cause me pain — but I just can’t help myself.

This process played out a few weeks ago when I read “16 songs that haven’t aged well”.

Now, several things bother me about this piece.

First off, it’s not really about songs at all — it’s about lyrics. You won’t find a critique of music anywhere in it. Yet, there are plenty of…

Soundgarden, Mariah Carey, Oasis, Warren G, and STP

Remember this viral video of Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel trying to wrap their heads around the internet?


That was 1994.

Before the internet was The Internet.

And back then, Singles mattered — no, not the movie — we’ll get to that later.

I mean music singles.

In an era before The Internet, it was radio (and MTV) that determined what went viral.

And the way to go viral was with a hit single.

In ’94, artists within the music industry produced an incredible variety of songs.

From The Boss on “Streets of Philadelphia” to those Southern Swedish Rednex

Medium Just Announced Bonuses Will Continue in July and August.

Check your inbox; Medium sent out an email today clarifying their bonus program.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • The bonus…

Image Credit: zzima / ShutterStock

Mostly true, with a few big lies.

When HBO announced that they were producing a five-part miniseries based on the Chernobyl catastrophe, I knew I would watch. The only question I had was: would it be true to history?

Being a bit of a history buff, I knew the story of what went wrong during the infamous safety test, and I hoped that the showrunners would stay true to those facts.

As it turned out, show creator and writer Craig Mazin understood his obligation to portray events (especially those in the power plant) with strict accuracy.

“I was always aware that I was telling a story that…

Image Credit: Vigurskaia Sofiya / ShutterStock

Volume One

There’s no doubt about it — something was in the air in 1994.

Michael Jordan had given up basketball for baseball, the first White House website was launched, and someone totally framed O.J. Simpson for killing his ex-wife.

Now, there’s an excellent case that 1994 was the pinnacle for several forms of entertainment: film, television, and, in a perverse way, even sports.

But of all the wild things happening in ’94, the music stood out.

Notorious B.I.G., Oasis, Hootie and the Blowfish, Dave Matthews Band, Usher, Korn, Outkast, Brandy, Beck, Cake, Ben Harper, Jimmy Eat World, Marilyn Manson, and Portishead…

JL Matthews

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